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Adrenaline Park operates the longest zip lines over water in North America.  There is nothing more thrilling than being launched over a three hundred foot cliff down a half mile of cable while racing three other zippers. Each person is strapped into a full body harness similar to those used in hang gliders.  Once the gate drops there is no turning back until you rocket into the landing area and decelerate with our automatic braking system.  Our zippers have ranged from young children to senior citizens.  The oldest of whom we are aware was 97 years young.  As long as you meet our age requirement of 8 yrs old, you are good to go



Take a stroll out on our glass bottom Mountain Dew sky bridge and experience "The Best View in Town."  The cable suspension bridge places you 75 feet out and over 300 feet above the French Broad River.  As you walk out over the glass panels, see if you are brave enough not to grab the safety rails.  Don’t feel ashamed if you do, there are many who stop well before the transparent panels and turn back. There’s always next time.  


Tired of the everyday happening around the office or workshop, looking forward to meeting with the family for the annual homecoming, or face it, you just want to party. Why not plan a road trip with us as you relax viewing the best view in the Smokies and expericence the longest/highest ride over the river in this area. Let us plan with you the getaway for a day full of fun and games and yes, thrill for some to the extreme. Our staff awaits your call to begin the adventure.



Browse through our gift shop for some truly unique souvenirs. Many of our items are hand crafted or original creations.  We also carry Adrenaline Park merchandise to commemorate your visit to a truly one of a kind amusement park.


Come hungry.  We have a fully stocked snack bar with a wide range of foods.


Our honor would be to follow you from your engagement to your 50th anniversary and beyond. We are looking forward to assisting you in the planning of your union together from the big question day to an amazing flight over the French Broad river 50+ years later. Before we ever start, our commitment to you is a memory beyond your wildest dreams. What better place to say yes than overlooking the river at the amazing Smoky Mountains to the person you will spend the rest of your life with, coming back year after year renewing your promise and flying over the river to the future.


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